Our organization has started this journey with the project “The Global Farm of the future 2.0” for the participation in the universal EXPO2015 exhibition in Milan, six months of intense relationships, through which millions of people have been reached and sensitized to the theme of sustainability.

The Global Farm of the Future 2.0 represents the tool through which the Association will promote the WAA FOR AGENDA 2030 Action Plan with a digital platform in the dedicated portal where the good practices for the sustainability of the various pilot projects organized by the member associations will be collected.

The Global Farm of the Future is made up of physical installations, the Lab 2.0 Pilot Farms, called the Sustainability Campus, distributed in a network in the different countries of the national member associations with the implementation of projects that pursue one or more Agenda 2030 objectives among those selected by the Action Plan.

To develop the culture of sustainability, the project involves the creation of a Master’s degree in sustainable agronomic design in collaboration with the various universities in the countries of the member associations.

Every three years the results of the Pilot projects and the realization of cultural events will be represented within the framework of the Triennial of Sustainable Agronomy to be held in Milan in the Expo area.

The following action plan is shown:

  • The Sustainability Campus
    Fattorie Pilota Lab 4.0 Projects Network
  • The 2030 Digital Global Farm of the Future
    The Digital Platform of intangible representation e of management of the contents of the action plan
  • The Master in Sustainable Agronomic Design
    Training for sustainability
  • The International Triennial of Sustainable Agronomy
    The event of representation and monitoring of the Action Plan