The Sustainability Campus – The Global Farm of the Future 2030 is made up of the network of Pilot Farms that each develop a theme represented in the global farm of the future 2030 through a project coordinated by an association adhering to the WAA with its professionals in collaboration with Institutes of research, universities and public and private institutions.
As described in the chapter on the evolution of the Global Farm of the future 2.0 in the Global Farm of the Future 2030, it represents a laboratory for experimenting with punctual indicators that make it possible to measure sustainability on a small scale and therefore to associate them with the macro indicators indicated by AGENDA 2030 The structure of the Campus is as follows:


Target General Indicator

Focus Area

Action Specific Indicator

Pilot Project

In addition to the possibility of carrying out a pilot project for each national association, each professional or group of professionals belonging to WAA member associations / orders will be able to choose the development of a pilot project according to stable criteria and will commit to its realization in the ways and times. established.
The pilot project must be drawn up according to the scheme shown in paragraph 7 as an example.
All projects must be written on the portal and updated quarterly according to the monitoring provisions.
The pilot projects that can be activated refer to the different types identified by these guidelines and can be activated in one or more geographical areas in public or private farms, in rural or urban areas.
Each partnership must make the sources of funding and the related forms of collaboration known and transparent.

Each Pilot Project will be subjected to a technical and scientific investigation by a Commission made up of members designated by AWAF. The assessment determined by the Commission is final and cannot be appealed.
The selected pilot projects will be entitled to the WAA partnership and will contribute to the establishment of the Sustainability Campus of the Global Future Farm 2030.
The Pilot Projects carried out will participate by right in the International Triennial of Sustainable Agronomy.