Jorge Galo Medina Torres

Curriculum vitae

Agronomo, (1967-1972) at Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro (UAAAN) (Saltillo, México); M.Sc. in Watershed Management (1972-74) at The University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona); Dottorato di ricerca. in Range Management (1977-80) at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Co).

Doctor in Strategic Management (2005-2009), Instituto Internacional de Administración Estratégica ( Torreón, México. Former Executive Director of National System for Innovation and Technology Transfer for sustainable agriculture (2018) and General Director, Capacity Development and Extension (2013-16), both at Ministry of Agriculture, México.

State of Coahuila Coordinator, National Agrarian Registrar, (RAN), Ministry of Agrarian Reform (2010). Deputy Director, Academic affairs (1995-96), National Department, Agricultural Technological Education, Ministry of Education (1994-96). President of Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro, (2006-2010).

President of Mexico´s College of Agronomists (2015-2017) and President of National Confederation of Agronomists in Mexico (1996-1999).

Former professor at UAAAN (1974-2017). At present, Chairman, National Commission of Honor and Justice for Mexico Federation of Agronomist Colleges; Freelance Consulting; and CEO and founder of Training Smart Rural (Courses, workshops, webinars on Agriculture development and best practices, capacity development and technical assistance) Published 25 books.

Major areas of interest: Sostenibilità, Project Management, Innovation, Technical Assistance and Extension.